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The UX Design discipline is the core of the best user experiences

User Experience

User experience is about giving the user a positive experience

Most designers are more focused on aesthetics, but better user experience design comes from having the user’s needs in mind. The goal is to make the user experience as easy, efficient and satisfying as possible. This includes not only having a good design, but also ensuring that all functionality works as it should and that users can find what they are looking for on your site.

User Experience

The user experience plays an integrated role in creating a successful product. An in-depth understanding of who your users are ensures that you build to their needs, not just what you think they want or need. This is the core of good user experience design

The process in simple steps

The discovery phase is about setting the ultimate goals for the experience, as well as aligning expectations about the process. What are the objectives? What does success look like? What challenges do we face?

User demographics, defining user goals & challenges, defining relevant metrics, creating user personas and initial user tests.

We sketch, make mood boards, wireframes, mockups, implement style guide and prepare sitemap.

Usability tests, metrics review and iterations.

Design implementation and development of the product.

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