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What is a WordPress Plugin?


A plugin is an add-on to WordPress that expands the functionality of the website. WordPress plugins are written in php and can be easily installed on its WordPress site. You simply click on “add plugin” and from here you can search between thousands of different plugins. Many plugins are free, and come with paid versions as well.

While it is tempting to install 100 different plugins for your website and have a sea of different smart features, one has to be mindful. Too many plugins can create conflicts and ruin one’s website, especially if they are not outdated or not updated to the latest WordPress version.

A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to a maximum of 20 different plugins. Some plugins come with add-ons as separate plugins, this is fine as long as they are updated, have clean code and programmed by the same developers. The problem arises especially when the different plugins are from many different developers. This means that they are programmed in different ways, and thus conflicts can arise.

What plugins are there?

There are tens of thousands of different plugins for all kinds of functions. However, the typical plugins are used to add pagebuilders, optimize page speed, translations, contact forms, protection against spam and hacking, and third-party integrations.

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