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speed optimization

Speed optimization refers to techniques used to improve the performance of a website or webshop. The focus is on delivering pages as quickly as possible to visitors, with the aim of reducing the number of people leaving the page before it is fully loaded.

SEO Speed Optimization in WordPress and Shopify

The importance of loading speed

Did you know that 64% of smartphone users expect web pages to load in less than four seconds? Our speed optimization strategy helps boost your webshop conversion rate while lowering your bounce rate.

Google today uses Mobile First Indexing as a ranking factor for search engine results. Therefore, our mobile optimization practice means that your website / webshop gets higher quality mobile traffic. Therefore, it is important that your webshop web pages load immediately if you want to convert visitors into customers.

Factors Affecting Website Speed

There are certain factors that affect the speed of a website. These include:

● The type of web hosting service used
● The size and complexity of the website or webshop
● The number of visitors to the site at any given time
● The type of Internet connection that the visitor uses

Typically, the larger the files on a web site, the longer it takes to load the web page. In addition, a site that has many images and videos also tends to take longer for pages to load. Similarly, having too many plugins on your site can also slow down the site’s loading speed. If many plugins flood the server with HTTP requests, it will affect the user experience.

Optimization of loading speed principles

There are several techniques used for speed optimization:

Use cdn

Because CDNs store copies of your site’s data on servers located around the world, visitors have faster access times, as they can connect to a server that is closer to them geographically. In addition, using a CDN allows you to load cached versions of content without consuming extra bandwidth, while also reducing server load back to your main location.

Optimize videos & photos

The size and resolution of images must be optimized for websites and webshops. Make sure images are appropriately sized and compressed so that they do not take up more space on the server.


Each request made by your webshop or website on the server takes time before actual data is sent back to the user’s browser. Therefore, minimizing requests will save loading time for your visitors. One way to do this is to use CSS sprites.

Analyze and test your web pages

It is important to perform regular speed tests to find out which elements of the site can slow it down. There are several tools available that you can use to perform these tests.
If you need an extra hand for speed optimization for webshops, you can count on Innerpoint for speed optimization and other SEO improvements.

How is your technical SEO situation?

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