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365.6% increase in organic traffic: How we grew Malchior with SEO

Core results

  • Increase in organic traffic: 365.6%
  • Increase in organic conversions: 585.7%
  • Increase in average session duration: 150%

High growth in organic traffic, conversions and other relevant SEO metrics

We started the collaboration with Malchior in February 2021. They aimed to increase organic traffic in both the UK and the Danish market. We have now been working with them for 9 months, and achieved great results.


  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Increase in organic conversions
  • Increase in average session duration

Increase in organic traffic

The organic traffic was an important metric SEO strategy that we worked intensely on. We went for relevant keywords with high search volume.

Increase in organic conversions

Until the collaboration with InnerPoint, Malchior has achieved sales through paid ads and word-of-mouth. Therefore, conversions (sales) from organic traffic were a high priority. See the great growth below.

Increase in average session duration

The organic traffic has been the primary engine for the average session duration to increase. An increase from 1.2 minutes to 3 minutes.

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