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Aris Robotics – Self-sorting waste bin based on artificial intelligence and machine learning


Aris Robotics would like to shift the responsibility for waste sorting from humans to robots. When citizens have to sort waste themselves, the result depends on their knowledge of and their willingness to sort. It is a task that is not only difficult to learn, now that there are more and more factions to be sorted into, but is also unnecessary. If a machine can sort, then why should people spend energy on it?

In 2029, Aris Robotics will have their unit at all Danish recycling stations, and be sold to companies / organizations that want a local sorting of their waste before it is delivered. At that point, our AI will be able to sort correctly> 99% of all waste.


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After a branding session with the team behind Aris Robotics, we applied the insight and prepared a mood board for inspiration for art direction
“The purpose of our website is for people to understand why, how and what we do”
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