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How is your webshops seo situation?

With this analysis, we give you an overview of your SEO situation, provide insight into your numbers and how it can be improved. We look at the technical SEO, your backlink profile, relevant keywords and the competitors.

Is the analysis only for webshops?
We specialize in working with e-commerce businesses and this is our strongest area. That said, we naturally receive all inquiries and assess whether there is a match.

free seo analysis

Includes PDF reports and a 30 min 1-1 session where we review your SEO situation – as well as come up with practical suggestions for improvement.

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    Full-service SEO agency focusing on e-commerce business

    We specialize in SEO for serious webshops that have the capacity to grow. We have also created fine results for other companies, but ecommerce business is our specialty.

    SEO strategy

    • Objectives
    • SEO efforts
    • Time schedule

    Content optimization

    • SEO optimized texts
    • Frames the user’s search intention
    • Keyword analysis

    Internal structure

    • Efficient navigation
    • Internal linking


    • Increases domain credibility
    • Traffic from external websites
    • Higher keyword rankings

    Speed optimization

    • Lower bounce rate
    • Longer sessions on the website
    • Higher conversion rate
    • Multiple clicks that load the landing page

    Mobile optimization

    • Optimized mobile experience
    • Higher quality of mobile traffic
    • Mobile First Indexing

    “All SEO work means that the majority of our revenue today comes from organic traffic”

    “Working with InnerPoint is a pleasure. They are good at conveying the technical language so we can keep up. For many months now, SEO has been our strongest marketing activity, and all the SEO work means that the majority of our revenue today comes from organic traffic. ”

    Mads W

    Henrik J
    Sales Manager for Malchior


    Increased conversion rate


    Higher turnover


    It can be confusing as a webshop owner to be in charge of SEO yourself. That is why we have written this e-book, where we come up with 10 practical SEO tips on how you can improve your SEO situation and increase the organic traffic to the webshop.

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