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We specialize in conversion optimization for eCommerce webshops

Digital Marketing

It has become a necessity to be able to understand how users interact with your website or webshop and what their needs are to ensure that you give them the best possible experience. Conversion optimization is used to improve this experience by measuring, analyzing and improving the effectiveness of relevant web pages.

What gets tracked gets managed

Tracking your website activity is very important for higher conversion rates, especially if you see your traffic slowly decline.

It is important to know what works and what does not work so that you can focus only on the things that work. It’s not just about generating traffic, but also an opportunity to better understand your users.

Key metrics

Each website / webshop is different, so the number of activities you need to track varies. We know that there are generally 5 important factors when it comes to user behavior: what pages they visit, how much time they spend on each page, where they leave the website, where they return to the website and what links they click on.


User Flow

Which pages are visited? How to navigate?

Avg. session duration

How much time is spent on each page?


What percentage leaves the website? And on which pages?


Where do visitors come from? Which channels?

Call to action (CTA)

Which CTAs are being clicked on?

Data-driven optimization

“Conversion optimization is all about testing!” That statement is quite true, as the most successful conversion optimizations are those that have been tested and retested. In fact, testability is one of the key factors in a successful CRO campaign, so why not start by improving your conversion rate with simple tests before embarking on more difficult changes? Obviously, if you want your business to be successful online, then you need to incorporate conversion optimization into your strategy now!

Konverteringsoptimering af webshop
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